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Come in and find out more about my passions in all things concerning books and hockey.


Celebrate with me, because my little Hockey-Kids are going international since last year with their Dutch and English translations!


Thank you so much for having met the Hockey-Kids during the Indoor Hockey World Cup 2018 in Berlin and for having enjoyed their kids' activity program with my live illustrations during the competition! Don't miss my World Cup Video!

"My" Indoor Hockey World Cup 2018 Berlin

While the whole hockey world gazed at the stars playing a brilliant hockey at the Max Schmeling Halle in Berlin, kids enjoyed my funny and colorful kids' program. Huge thanks to all my tiny visitors who filled my stand with life and my heart with joy! We had a great time!

First English Interview!

All about The Hockey-Kids, my passions for hockey and books and all about the fantastic Swiss Hockey cooperation.

Click for the podcast interview on "The Reverse Stick" with Matt Allan & John Lee, Australia, 23.8.17. Listen and enjoy!

Press Release "The Hockey-Kids - The Adventure Begins" Book 1 English Version MON COQ edition
Click for a free download and share the Press Release in your club, school, etc... Let`s get started for a great Hockey time with the Hockey-Kids Lena, Max & Lars!
Pressemitteilung 1 The Hockey Kids Child[...]
PDF-Dokument [1.1 MB]
The children`s book "The Hockey-Kids - The Adventure Begins" by Sabine Hahn in its English Version