Having founded my own publishing company of MON COQ edition in 2016, I proudly announce my first co-operation with the Swiss Hockey Federation to create a motivating Kids`Book for all little Swiss Hockey Club Members. Coming out this summer with a funny and bright promotion to make Hockey omnipresent not only in Clubs but especially in schools and in every kids`room.


Then join us or become co-operation partner as well...

Latest News

!! English Version !!

The English Version now worldwide!

Great Co-operation

Swiss Hockey and MON COQ edition become co-operation partner...
... with a great activity book & more!

Reading in Munich

Großartige Lesungen in München - unterstützt von Nina Hugendubel

Bookfair Leipzig`17

So außergewöhnlich schön war die Premierenlesung zur Leipziger Buchmesse 2017 

The German Hockey-Kids in great Shops...

DANKESCHÖN Matchball-Hockeykiosk FFM, Buchhandlung C. Machwirth und Gilde Buchhandlung für die wunderbaren Fotos!!!

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