Hooray! My little book heroes Lena, Max & Lars are starting a heartfelt and never seen campaign!


Combining literature with the development of hockey in a next level, I will from now on collect (not only) hockey sticks during my numerous reading tours through clubs and schools across Germany, Switzerland, France,... to enable kids all over the world to play, enjoy and love hockey like my three little heroes do.


Supported by the International Hockey Federation‘s The Hockey Foundation as an official Hockey4Life project, my long-term campaign will deliver hockey equipment e.g. to Gabriel Tuscher ‘s project La route du stick for Africa and other wonderful global projects.


You'll find all participating clubs, schools and federations listed in a lovely gallery here on my author's site very soon... and also the great adventures that their donated sticks will experience on their way to their new little hockey friends all over the world.


Are you interested? Just write me HERE to get more information.


Be part of it!




How to donate...

You'll meet me during one of my funny readings and listen to the Hockey-Kids' adventures? Fantastic!


Just take your old hockeystick with you to donate it during my great reading.


You'll get two campaign stickers: put one on your old stick and another one on your own current one... That way, you will build a lovely imaginary „bridge“ between you, your stick and the kid who will get it somewhere far far away.


Let’s get it started! Let’s build loads of these „bridges“!


Where to donate soon...

Club zur Vahr Bremen (non-public event)

Lovely invitation to all club members to enjoy my reading in September and to support my campaign. Let's build "bridges"!

Bielefelder TG Hockey (non-public event)

Such a fantastic opportunity for all club members to take part at my reading and at my campaign in December. See you soon!


Participating Clubs so far...

  • 1. Hanauer THC, August 2019 

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