Covid-19 Activities

1) The puzzle

Hooray! A colorful puzzle with the Hockey-Kids Lena, Max & Lars! Click the picture & get to the puzzle! Discover all other puzzles below!


Hurra! Ein kunterbuntes Puzzle mit den Hockey-Kids Lena, Max und Lars erwartet euch! Klickt auf das Bild und habt Spaß! Entdeckt alle Puzzles hier unten auf der Seite.

2) The Activity Calendar

Enjoy my 24 activities with The Hockey-Kids!

24 activities for hockey kids!*


Discover my Activity Calendar and enjoy a new creative activity every day!


That's how to count your next 24 Covid-19 days at home with fun.


Choose your language and download the PDF file.


Stay at home! - Stay healthy!




Your Sabine

*Please respect the copyright and use my activities only for private purposes and not modified.

The Activity Calendar English
Covid-19 Activity Calendar English Sabin[...]
PDF-Dokument [3.1 MB]
Der Activity Kalender Deutsch
Covid-19 Activity Kalender Deutsch Sabin[...]
PDF-Dokument [3.1 MB]
Le Calendrier d'Activités Français
Covid-19 Calendrier d'activités Français[...]
PDF-Dokument [3.2 MB]
El Calendario de Actividades Español
Covid-19 Español Calendario de Actividad[...]
PDF-Dokument [3.1 MB]
De Activiteitenkalender Nederlands
Covid-19 Nederlands Activiteitenkalender[...]
PDF-Dokument [2.9 MB]

3) The Activity Sheet

Have fun with my little Hockey-Kids' activities!

Difficult times at the moment for all of us - around the world...


As a lot of kids have to stay at home, without school and without hockey, I have prepared some activities for you as a free download*. Just choose your language, download the file with you parents' help and have fun!


Send me your artworks and I'll post them here and on the Socials...


Greetings to my little readers all over the world and stay safe!


Your Sabine Hahn

*Please respect the copyright and use my activities only for private purposes and not modified.

Plezier & Spelen met de Hockey-Kids, Nederlands
Plezier Spelen met de Hockey-Kids Kinde[...]
JPG-Datei [942.3 KB]
Diversíon y juegos con los Hockey-Kids, Español
Diversíon y juegos con los Hockey-Kids, [...]
JPG-Datei [979.8 KB]
Activités & Jeux avec les Hockey-Kids, Français
Activités et Jeux avec les Hockey-Kids, [...]
JPG-Datei [943.9 KB]
Spiel & Spaß mit den Hockey-Kids, Deutsch
Spiel Spaß mit den Hockey-Kids Arbeitsb[...]
JPG-Datei [963.4 KB]
Activities & Fun with the Hockey-Kids, English
Activities Fun with the Hockey-Kids she[...]
JPG-Datei [948.8 KB]

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