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Discover both of my English books: 1) "The WORLD Hockey-Kids" and 2) "The Hockey-Kids"! Read the extracts, get your copies and enjoy hockey in a new and different way ... in your imagination through reading.

1) The WORLD Hockey-Kids

The book

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A great adventure is waiting for Lena, Max and Lars, even if it doesn’t look that way at the start of term in their new school …

But before they know it, the adventure has begun – and you are part of it too, because in the pages of this book, you’ll be invited to join in over and over again. Now it’s your turn: “And now YOU!”


So grab your hockey stick and together with the Hockey-Kids, try out all the great tricks they learn in this book.


If you want to have a look at the tricks before you start – no problem! On the “And now YOU!” pages you’ll find a QR code at the bottom right corner of the page that you can simply photograph with your mobile phone. This will take you straight to the video. Then you can watch the real WORLD Hockey-Kids before you try it for yourself.


But that’s not all! With your parents’ permission, send us your drawings, photos and videos of you trying out the tricks we describe. Include a copy of this book in the image and then we’ll post them on our website. This is how you can become genuine WORLD Hockey-Kids. All of you, everywhere around the world!


And now – have fun with this ultimate, unique and awesome book:


Welcome to the WORLD Hockey-Kids!                   YouTube: Book Trailer

The Story

It’s not just the stormy autumn weather that turns the lives of Lena, Max and Lars upside down – the first few days in their new school without hockey are dull and tedious, and to make matters worse they keep bumping into Leo and his show-off friends. The only thing that’s adventurous are their grades …


That is, until the day when the Hockey-Kids not only meet three cool new friends behind a rusty old gate but also go on to experience the most colourful hockey adventure imaginable with them. From now on, the hockey balls are spinning through the air, hockey is rediscovered in all sorts of places and as if by magic, the six friends become the WORLD Hockey-Kids.


But the magic quickly seems to be over when Leo of all people turns up and wants to get involved …


A new and captivating Hockey-Kids adventure by Sabine Hahn. The book invites you to actively join in rediscovering hockey in an imaginative and original way and to immerse yourself in its many worlds; from Africa to Asia, from far and wide, with or without a wheelchair, hockey is full of surprises and is simply the best sport in the world, for everyone, everywhere.                                                For boys and girls from the age of 9



The WORLD Hockey-Kids

The interactive video activity book

Text, illustrations & concept: Sabine Hahn

English translation: Alexandra Roesch

Lectorate: Liza Krampe

ISBN   book:   978-3-9822387-3-9 18,95€ (Ger.)

ISBN ebook:   978-3-9822387-4-6  9,99€ (Ger.)

© MON COQ edition 2021

The videos

All the hockey tricks that the WORLD Hockey-Kids learn in their new adventure can be discovered on “YouTube” (channel: ‘Autorin Sabine Hahn’) where the little readers can watch and learn the tricks again and again: Filmed at "original locations" of the book, the “Hockey-Kids” actors Ben (the expert), Leana, Colin & Nils (the Hockey-Kids) reveal the secret behind every trick and give examples of age-appropriate exercises for the younger ones, specially arranged by Prof. Andy Gasser (UAS, Basle, CH).



Idea and concept:          Sabine Hahn

Script & cut:                    Sabine Hahn

Music:                              Sabine Hahn

Director (footage):        Prof. Andy Gasser

Photos & videos:            Grischa Schwank

Drone:                              Daniele C.

2) "The Hockey-Kids", The adventure begins

The story...

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Lena, Max and Lars are speechless:


Of all people to get landed with, the three friends find themselves in the new hockey project with Lena’s cheeky little brother and Tom, the show-off from the soccer club.


Things couldn’t get much worse than that! Or could they?


What other reasons could they have for secret meetings in the school yard, and what do Tom’s red ears mean?


Join them in “The Adventure Begins”, the first book in the Hockey Kids series, when – despite lots of amusing setbacks – a team comes together, the like of which has never been seen before!


A fascinating adventure all about friendship, school and the greatest sport in the world - hockey!


While there are numerous children’s books dedicated to football, The Hockey Kids gives young readers a chance to discover the wonderful world of hockey. With 100 pages and lots of charming illustrations - also the author’s work - this series is particularly suitable for primary school pupils, whether they are new to hockey or already young hockey players.


An inspiring foreword by international FIH elite coach Chris Faust and a motivating epilogue by Marijke Fleuren, President European Hockey Federation, complete the exciting adventure experienced by the three friends Lena, Max and Lars, and arouse interest in this sport.

The book...

“The Hockey-Kids - The Adventure Begins” Book 1

Hardcover ISBN 978-3-9817970-7-7 EUR 17.95 (German price)

Softcover ISBN 978-3-9818770-7-6 EUR 11,95 (German price)

100 pages, with lots of illustrations,  for the age of  6 and up


MON COQ edition 2017


Written & Illustrated by Sabine Hahn​

Translator: Hilary Koenig

Lectorate: Penelope Southgate

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Let`s get started and have a great hockey time ... together!



Sabine Hahn

Owner MON COQ edition

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