Frankfurt Book Fair 2020   

Wonderful to celebrate the world's greatest book fair once again with my Hockey-Kids!

New Releases

Just in time for the greatest book fair of the world, the well-liked Book Fair Frankfurt, MON COQ edition has released a new translation for little hockey kids in Brazil and in Portugal.

Os Hockey-Kids

A Aventura Começa


Lucas Card. Simas

September 2020


 Draw & Win!

The drawing contest is closed.


Huge thanks for all the wonderful art works!


The little winners have already been informed!


Enjoy their lovely drawings below.


The Book Fair

Since 2015, the little Hockey-Kids have been present at the German book fairs in Leipzig and in Frankfurt regularly to celebrate a new publication, to read to children and to represent hockey.

Click the picture, get to the Special Edition of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2020.


The little winners of the drawing contest

Book Fairs since 2015

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